Sunday, June 3, 2012

Schedule June 4 - 15

Demo camp season is now starting for real.

On Monday, June 4th I'll be traveling to Leipzig, where I was invited to talk about Open Source Software at the university of Leipzig. Then I'll figure out how to get from Leipzig to Ilmenau for the first Ilmenau Eclipse  demo camp on the 5th. In case you've never been in Ilmenau: It a nice university town in the middle of the Thuringian forest , a quite attractive area in the new provinces.

On the 6th I'll attend another first, the Juno demo camp in Nuremberg. Both demo camps have between 20 and 30 people registered at the time of writing. It would be great if you could drop by too!

The following week I'll be in Kassel on the 12th and in Hamburg on the 14th. The organizers of the 2 locations always come up with some interesting ideas: So will the event in Kassel take place in an actual circus, and -well- for Hamburg I'm still waiting for the location to be announced ...

For information on all Juno demo camps, please check out

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