Monday, September 24, 2012

EclipseCon Europe 2012: We need your help!

From October 23 to 25, 2012 the Eclipse Foundation will hold the 6 7th edition of our annual European Eclipse Conference.

EclipseCon Europe is all about community - learning, exploring, sharing and collaborating on the latest ideas and information about Eclipse. Contributors, adopters, extenders, service providers, consumer, business and research organizations alike, gather to share their expertise and learn from each other. 
Networking activities lead to synergies in the community, from giving and receiving help on specific technical issues to  generating new business opportunities. Sponsors of Eclipse Summit are an integral part of the entire event, participating in an exchange from all areas of their organizations from technical to management.

Last year we celebrated Eclipse's 10th anniversary together with more than 550 attendees at EclipseCon Europe.  This year the conference theme is open innovation: how enterprises, researchers and other organizations use Eclipse to develop innovative products and solutions. 

We are also co-hosting the European OSGi community event and are extending a special welcome to the International OSGi community. And, again  we are proud to have a solid technical program, but we won't just be networking and listening to technical talks. Let us surprise you with our evening program! Details will be published in the early part of October.

How can you help? Simply, spread the word. Please forward this blog post to your peers, colleagues and business partners. Invite them to join us for EclipseCon Europe 2012. Or simple put the attached JPEG to the announcement board in your hallway.

For more information, please visit the conference website or send me a quick email.

Thank you in advance!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Polarsys IWG: Welcome the Participants

It's been almost a year that the OPEES participants made the decision to continue the efforts to build and maintain an open platform for the engineering of embedded systems (see also as a industry working group within the Eclipse Foundation.

A joint team from the Eclipse Foundation and the OPEES project has been working on preparing all the materials needed for the group to get started. For instance, the charter of the IWG and the participation agreement have been negotiated and approved.

In late spring, we were able to start the acquisition of participants. Today I would like to welcome the companies that have signed the agreements and now constitute the founding members of the Polarsys IWG:

  • Airbus, steering committee member
  • Ericsson, steering committee member
  • Thales, steering committee member
  • Intecs SpA, participating member
  • Obeo, participating member
  • Soyatec, participating member
Now that we have reached critical mass, the time has come to take the next steps. Information on these activities is available in the Polarsys mailing list as well as on the Polarsys blog. The next face-to-face o meeting of the group is planned for October 22nd in Ludwigsburg, Germany.