Monday, August 26, 2013

While we are waiting

Just a few days ago the we were closing the submission system for EclipseCon Europe 2013. We got well over 240 submissions, and now the program committee under its fearless leader Christian Campo is at work, sorting out which talks will make the program. I don't envy the team for this job. They are the ones that will have to send rejection letters to a large number of people that have taken time and energy to submit their talk.

But we should know in a couple of days!

But what to do until then? I thought I'd point out some other things about ECE that we already know :-)

First of all, we have worked on the website quite a lot. I personally like the new look, it reminds me of some time back that I have fond memories of ... And we have added a few new pages as well. For the people that land on our page by accident (for example after a google search for 'cool conference europe eclipse' we are now giving them some background, explaining that we have noting to do with some teenie movies. We also provide you some information for you boss: You can actually copy and paste the "Why should you go" paragraph from this section.

You might not really want to show him the Fun page. Because it shows that we have the circus coming again, and we have the band playing again as well. He might want to go instead of you.

So the motto for 2013 shall be: Come to ECE. If you bring your boss, you get 10% discount on both tickets :-)