Thursday, June 14, 2012

Better than Soccer?

Just hopping from demo camp to demo camp. Last week it was Ilmenau and Nuremberg, this week it's Kassel and Hamburg (where I am right now).

Nuremberg and Ilmenau are new. So it was to be expected that they were not too crowded. True for Ilmenau, but the planners in Nuremberg didn't have enough chairs.

As every year, I'm learning a lot. Not just about Eclipse technology. But also about the fact that people come to the demo camps despite of the competing European Soccer championship. I had expected that people actually would drop out and watch soccer rather than listening to XText or Code Recommender talks.

Now to be fair:  The demo camp here in Hamburg was originally planned for yesterday. Only when the planners found out that the game Germany - Netherlands was scheduled for the same evening, they wisely changed to today. And I'm really grateful. I would have had a bad conflict!

So now everybody won: The demo camp in the nice Speicherstadt location has about 80 participants. I could watch the Germans win 2:1 yesterday. The only people who actually lost was the Dutch team. Oh well ...

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