Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My EclipseCon NA 2014

I arrived early in San Francisco and had the weekend off, hanging around the Hyatt hotel and getting some exercise in - notably going to the driving range close by with Jonas. Aside from that, all the early arrivers got some exposure to the republican convention that was taking place over the weekend.

The actual conference was a really nice experience. The Hyatt provides nice space, the space for the exhibitors was well put together. The quality of the keynotes was by far better than in  2013 (this is my personal opinion). In particular, I enjoyed Hans-J├╝rgen Kugler's keynote demanding a creative society to drive the 4th industrial revolution. For all those who missed the keynote: You'll find the recordings of all keynotes soon on the Eclipse Foundation's Youtube channel.

Most of the time I was busy with promoting our Long-Term Support working group. Just in time for the conference, we were able to overhaul the content for the LTS website and get the Long-Term Support marketplace started with now 7 companies offering LTS for various projects. At the conference we were conducting an outreach session with 20+ people attending, and we had good conversations at the poster session on Thursday.

No EclipseCon NA would be complete without a European night. And that's what we did on Thursday night: You rarely see so many Canadians that try to convince you that all their ancestors have just come over from the good old world :-)

Now it's over, and it's time to get excited about EclipseCon France 2014.

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