Thursday, February 27, 2014

Call for participation!

The Eclipse Foundation has been accepted as a mentoring organization for this year´s Google Summer of Code!

We are very happy to have been chosen for the ninth time in a row. This year is the 10th anniversary of GSoC and the Google Team is marking the occasion by accepting10% more mentoring organizations and 10% more students.

The role of the Eclipse Foundation is to act as an umbrella organization for the Eclipse projects. We have again a very interesting mix of project ideas. For the first time there are project ideas from our Working Groups, Locationtech and IoT (Internet of Things).

The Google Summer of Code is a program designed to encourage university students to participate in open source software development.

Students have a opportunity over the summer to get hands on experience at open source coding, without compromising their time with a summer job that is unrelated to their field of studies. Also, students will gain insight into the real world of software development.  At the end of the summer Google grants a total of 5500 USD to every student who passes all exams.

For more information check out:

Check out the project ideas:

And if you have questions meet us on the mailing list:

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