Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome Mia-Software to the Eclipse Foundation

The Paris-based company Mia-Software has just recently joined the Eclipse Foundation as an associate member.

Mia-Software ( is a software company providing products and solutions to industrialize the development, the maintenance and the evolution of software systems. It is a subsidiary of Sodifrance group (, a french company specialized in IT Modernization projects. Mia-Software has been founded in 2004 to leverage the R&D efforts engaged during the last 20 years by Sodifrance to understand legacy systems and transform them according to new technologies or new business needs.

Mia-Software provides two commercial products : Mia-Studio and Mia-Insight. Mia-Studio is a Model-Driven Software Development solution based on EMF to create and maintain specific code generators for any kind of language (Java, C#, PHP, ADA, C, C++, COBOL, ...). It is used by large companies (banks, insurance, transportation, administration, ...) to generate code compliant with their own architecture, patterns and coding norms. Mia-Insight is a tool for analysing existing software systems. It provides source code analysers for many languages and systems (COBOL, PL1, C, Java, C#, VB6, ...).

Mia-Software contributes to Modisco (, an Eclipse project created by AtlanMod (, the INRIA team headed by Jean Bezivin. This project, for which Mia-Software provides 5 committers, aims at providing an open-source platform, based on Eclipse, to facilitate the development of model-driven legacy modernization tools. Modernization projects need this kind of tools to evaluate the quality of existing systems, understand and/or transform them.

We appreciate Mia-Software's membership and look forward to joint activities.


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