Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome Jasmine Conseil to the Eclipse Foundation

The Chatou/France based company Jasmine Conseil ( has just recently joined the Eclipse Foundation as a solution member

Jasmine Conseil provide a strong expertise along the different phase of a JEE project, from the design some UML/CASE tools, until the development/test and deployment using some agile tools/methodology.

Jasmine Conseil promotes Open Source usage around the productivity of Java development using some standard tools and solutions. In particular around Eclipse ecosystem using some “forge” solution, like our JasForge collaborative project based on Maven standard on Eclipse platform.

Jasforge is an incubation project and consist in is essence of a framework of collaborative tools which can be installed and used in various contexts. This project is based on our experience of collaborative project with our customers. Jasforge originality come from the fact that the project is based on standard Open Source tools which collaborate together to form a unified solution which follow the development practice of a Continuous Integration process like Hudson or Apache Continuum.

Jasmine Conseil offers a wide range of tools and services needed daily by software development teams to supply high quality software and we assist the development team in all this components and steps (document and project management, quality metrics,).

We appreciate Jasmine Counseil's membership and look forward to joint activities.

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