Friday, November 28, 2014

Simply the Best

My dear colleague Roxanne has assembled the list of the top-ten talks from EclipseCon Europe 2014.
And here they are:

1. What every Eclipse developer should know about Eclipse 4 (e4)
Jonas Helming and Eugen Neufeld

2. Stop clicking, be productive – Exploiting postfix templates
Nicolaj Joess

3. New and Noteworthy in Xtend
Sebastian Zarnekow and Stefan Oehme

4. Eclipse Platform Localization - The Luna Updates
Dirk Fauth

5. How to cook an egg with the Eclipse Communication Framework and Nebula.
Wim Jongman

6. Lambda Mechanics
Marc R. Hoffmann

7. Enhanced Tooling for Modern Eclipse Plugin Development
Mikael Barbero

8. Oomph: Automatically Provision a Project-specific IDE
Eike Stepper and Ed Merks

9. 10 Platforms in 30 minutes - powered by Eclipse
Jonas Helming and Maximilian Koegel

10. Building Business UIs with EMF Forms
Maximilian Koegel

Looks like the team prize goes to EclipseSource Munich. Congrats, team!

If you missed the talks, refer to our Youtube channel. Uploading of the talks continues!

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