Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Sad Song

It's happening again. The acceptance emails for EclipseCon France went out. That is good news, and I can see that we'll have a lot of fun in Toulouse. The boys in the program committee have made good choices and put together a fine list of talks that we will listen to in June.

The really sad part is to see the link just next to it, the talks that were not accepted. I just went through this list and noticed that there are so many where I actually encouraged the folks to write it up and submit it.

For example, I remember that I visited the good people at Fortiss in Munich. I visited their labs earlier this year and was (and still am) excited about all the things that they develop with Eclipse. And they were excited when we talked about Toulouse. One of the talks made it into the program.

The other one (actually about one of my favorite subjects) got rejected. Alois, I look forward to meeting you in Toulouse. Dagmar, I hope that you come to Toulouse nevertheless. It would be great.

But here is an idea. All you organizers of demo camps should carefully study the list of rejected talks. They are about great topics (just look at this talk here you demo campers in northern Germany), and I believe the rejected list is a gold mine for you! And rejected people, don't feel bad. I want you to submit to the demo camps and yes, well, EclipseCon Europe is not to far away.

The happy song goes like this: We will do great in Toulouse. And we will have more space in 2014. And we will have a bigger program. And we will have more submissions ...

Darn, I see another sad song coming my way.

One last thing: Can I ask all you speakers for a little favor. Please change your Facebook and Twitter picture and your Gravatar logo for a couple of days to the speaker logo and help us to promote the conference.

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