Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome Open Source Software Learning Centre e.V. to the Eclipse Foundation

I'm very pleased to welcome FOSSLC Germany e.V. to the Eclipse Foundation as an associate member.

As FOSSLC describes itself:

FOSSLC e.V. is a non-profit organization with the purpose of spreading knowledge and awareness of open source and open standards by organizing and hosting free-of-charge workshops and talks to give everybody the chance to engage with these technologies.

Since 2008, FOSSLC e.V. is hosting events on topics such as LInux, Java, Python, TeX, SSL/PGP and many more with the help from reputable speakers from universities and open source related businesses.

The Eclipse Foundation is very grateful to FOSSLC e.V. for having recorded the 2011 edition of EclipseCon Europe for us. Having the recordings of pretty much every talk available at the FOSSLC site is a great thing for the community!

I look forward to working with FOSSLC e.V. in the future, visiting Ilmenau for mutual events and having them attend and record many more Eclipse related session!


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