Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September Starting

Just sitting in the train and looking at my calendar for the month, which will be pretty busy and exciting! Here just a few highlights to consider for yourself:

On the 7th we start with the Eclipse Testing Day in Neuss, Germany. What I hear is that there are still a few tickets available.

On September 13th the meeting of the Automotive Industry comes up in Frankfurt, Germany. Check out the Auto IWG Wiki for more information!

In the second half of the month it gets pretty busy as well. In parallel I will attend the 6th Eclipse Day Italy in Milan, Italy (22-23rd) and the 2011 edition of the Open World Forum in Paris, France. Quite a schedule for that week. Too bad, I would have loved to stay a little longer in both cities!

Meanwhile we continue to work on EclipseCon Europe 2011. As you might have seen, we have all the keynote speakers lined up and are just finishing the program, which should be online in a week or two. One thing I can already tell you: It looks like we will have a pretty exciting 10th anniversary event for the Eclipse eco system.


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