Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome Generative Software to the Eclipse Foundation

Generative Software GmbH has just recently joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solution Member.

The Freiburg, Germany based company focuses on the application of model-driven software development. They are the inventor and supporter of the open source code generation tool JenerateIT. By means of gApp, their collection of DSLs and code generation rules, they develop custom Java-centricsoftware for their customers. gApp is dependent on JenerateIT as its code generation engine.

JenerateIT implements API-based Java development of code generation rules and can be used with any kind of model as its input. JenerateIT's Eclipse plug-in is thegraphical user interface to the code generation engine. It provides extensive features to effectively and comfortably work with code generation rules and generated artifacts.

With Generative Software we now have 3 members located in and around Freiburg. I look forward to enjoying demo camps and Eclipse Stammtisches in the beautiful Black Forest :)


  1. Nice article.Thanks for

  2. We used something similar to JenerateIT's plugin to create our Disneyland wait times app, but I have heard the Jenerate plugin is very good

  3. Yes JenerateIT's plugin is really good from what we have seen - we are going to use it to help build some of the aspects of our anxiety treatment app.