Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Intland Software to Eclipse

Intland Software has just recently joined the Eclipse Foundation as a Solution Member.

The company is a provider of collaboration and Application Lifecycle Management solutions for software development.

Within the Eclipse ecosystem, Intland is actively pursuing the following activities and projects:

To further enhance the seamless integration of Mercurial, a leading Distributed Version Control System, to Eclipse, with the MercurialEclipse plugin project. Intland is a firm believer in the superiority of the Distributed Version Control paradigm over the traditional centralized approach, and is actively developing several commercial and free software packages that support Mercurial and Git.

To reuse the first hand experience gathered while working on the Mercurial integration, and contribute to the EGit project - the Eclipse plugin that integrates Git with Eclipse - Intland has been invited to participate in EGit and team up with SAP, Google, Tasktop and other individual contributors.

Furthermore, Intland is working on defining and developing a generic integration layer between the leading Distributed Version Control implementations and the Mylyn task-focused interface. The primary aim of this initiative is to develop the most complete distributed ALM functionality available in the Eclipse universe. It includes sophisticated issue management, offline working and powerful associations between issues and source code change sets.

Intland’s collaborative software development solutions are used by major international organisations in industries, such as automobile, avionics, defence, finance and telecommunications. The company’s headquarters is based in Stuttgart, Germany, with a subsidiary in Silicon Valley, USA.

We appreciate Intland's membership and look forward to many joint activities

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  1. this is really great to see how projects and companies are working together to boost eclipse DVCS: EGit and MercurialEclipse